How Rooster Fighting Works


Every fighting rooster has two natural weapons: its claws and its beak. The art of cockfighting lies in maximizing the efficiency with which these natural weapons can be used against opponents.

Cockfighters use a number of methods to give their birds an edge in battle, including the selection of bloodlines, crossbreeding, feeding regimens, and the application of drugs and chemicals.

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Selecting Bloodlines

The first step in training a fighting rooster is selecting the right bloodline. Different bloodlines exhibit different characteristics that can make them more or less suited for cockfighting. For example, some birds are bred for their speed and agility, while others are bred for their strength and endurance.

A good cockfighter will thoroughly understand the different bloodlines available, and select birds that he believes have the potential to be successful in the ring.


Once the desired bloodlines have been selected, the next step is to crossbreed the birds to create animals that possess the best characteristics of both parent strains. This process is known as “line breeding.” Line breeding aims to produce offspring with the desired traits of both parents while minimizing undesirable traits.

In order to achieve this goal, crossbred roosters must be carefully monitored and selectively bred over several generations.

Feeding Regimens

The third step in training a fighting rooster is to put it on a special diet designed to maximize its strength and energy levels. This diet generally consists of high-protein foods such as raw meat, insects, and grain.

In addition to regular meals, Fighting cocks are often given supplements such as vitamins and minerals to ensure that they remain healthy and vigorous. This food must be prepared according to strict sanitary standards to minimize the risk of disease.

The Application of Drugs and Chemicals

Another method cockfighters use to give their birds an edge in battle is using drugs and chemicals. These substances can be administered orally or injected directly into the muscles of the bird. Commonly used drugs include steroids, stimulants, and tranquilizers.

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